A G.R.A.N.D. Maroni Update

A G.R.A.N.D. Maroni Update

We’ve noticed that in updating you on our personal finance situation one out of every 5 or 6 blog posts we aren’t connecting with you in the depth we would like to. As many ideas about financial management as we might like to provide, the real purpose of this blog is to show that we’re walking through the process with you. We’re still tackling student loans, trying to learn how to budget generosity with consistency, learn what’s happening in the personal finance blogosphere and try and figure out how to do this adoption thing well.

This leads me to the introduction of G.R.A.N.D. Fridays, a day where we provide the basic updates that allows us to connect you to the details of our journey.


In our quest for 50/50 we want to hold ourselves accountable to all of you in keeping our word and moving forward with our goal.


Our newest addition is the Cross Family. If you want to read about the sweet young adult ministry they’re going to participate with in Madrid, Spain check out thecrossesinspain.com

Current income percentage: 10.65% *

*Dropped from the 11% because of Jon’s raise – we’ll work on this soon.

R—andom income

With many of our posts like Get rid of the excess and make some cash or Why we never pay for textbooks or birthday presents we suggest that a great way to improve your financial situation is doing ‘other’ things. Income that comes outside of a formal job is a great way to push yourself closer to financial goals.

August 31- September 6

  • Amazon trade in: $9.35
  • Surveys: $48.50
  • Ebay: $0
  • Other (babysitting, dog walking, blog related income etc): $0

Total: $57.85

A—doption updates

As we journey through the adoption process we want to keep you updated as well as remind ourselves in the future what this time in our lives involved. These updates probably won’t be too exciting for a while until we really get going on the paperwork but for now just know we’re doing our research. We’ve had so many comments and e-mails from friends and strangers about our recent post First Steps in the Adoption Process that we have loads of organizations, online communities and books to look through.

Currently reading: The Connected Child, for parents who have welcomed children – by Karyn Purvis and David Cross

N—ew to us

One of the great joys of being a blogger is that there are thousands of other bloggers to connect with and learn from. We hope to be able to connect you to a few posts we found particularly helpful each week as we do our blog research or just read what else is going on in the world of personal finance and development.

D—ebt update

Being our premier financial goal (kicking all $37,319 of our student loans) it seems fitting to include an update about how much debt we’ve been able to kick each week. These updates will also be recorded in our debt thermometer on the right side of this page.

Debt as of September 9: $15,603

Total debt paid: $21,715


This is a great space to share your victories big and small; finally pay of that credit card?; make a big loan payment?; discover a way to save a ton on bills? Share!